Who are we?

We are manufacturers of curtains and various window textiles. Our main goal is to turn your space into a cozy home. After all, home is a fortress and an oasis of peace for each of us. We want to promise that when you enter a house whose windows are decorated with Appensa, you will be able to sigh calmly and feel that good feeling again: "this is my HOME...".

užuolaidų salonas
užuolaidų salonas

Why Appensa Home?

Our passion for design, quality and sewing burned for a long time until one day we decided to share our ideas with others. This is how the desire to find the best tailor and designer was born. And we found it! Designer spider Appensa, sewing various patterns in its web that attract prey with their beauty.

Speed, ease, quality and friendship

One call or message - and we are at your service. One pleasant meeting with the designer, a short waiting pause and your home is already decorated with Appensa curtains.